ABRSM Double Bass Scales Videos

Grade 3 

Grade 4 

Grade 5 

Grade 6

Grade 7 

Grade 8

Nostalgia In Times Square - Jazz Melody Explained

Nostalgia In Times Square - First Approaches to Soloing

Nostalgia In Times Square - More Advanced Solos

Two Guitars - Accompanying Part

Palle Danielsson Solo over “Country

Country - Palle Danielsson Bass Solo - Full Score

Oscar Pettiford Walking Bass Line over “I Let a Song”

I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart - Pettiford Bass Line

Oscar Pettiford Solo over “I Let A Song”

I Let A Song - Pettiford 2nd Chorus

Milo Fitzpatrick Solo over “Prickly Pear”

Prickly Pear - Portico Quartet, Milo Fitzpatrick Bass Solo

Joe Dart Solo on “Wait for the Moment

Wait for the Moment - Bass Break

Omar Rodriguez Calvo on “Flotten

Flotten - Omar Rodriguez Calvo Bass Solo - Full Score

Ignasi Gonzalez solo on “If I Should Lose You

If I Should Lose You - Ignasi Gonzalez Bass Solo
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